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Zahra Barikbin


Zahra obtained her BSc in Chemical Engineering (Petroleum) from Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT, Tehran Polytechnic) in Iran and her MASc in Chemical Engineering (Biotechnology) from AUT in collaboration with National University of Singapore (NUS). She worked on "Non-invasive Online Transmittance Measurements and Spectroscopy in Microfluidic Reactors" for her MASc thesis. She later obtained her  PhD from Singapore-MIT Alliance (A program alliance between National University of Singapore and Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) where she worked on "Droplet Microfluidic with Ionic Liquids for Chemical Analysis and Separations". For her PostDoctoral research, she works on high throughput microfluidic systems for controlled generation of vascularized hydrogels.

Byeong-Ui Moon


Byeong-Ui obtained his BASc degree from the Departments of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering & Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (dual major) from the Gyungsang National University, and his MASc degree from the Department of Electronics at the Kyungpook National University, South Korea. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Pharmacy Department at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. At the Guenther lab, he developed a high-throughput microfluidic approach for organ-based functional screens.

Past Graduate Students
Lian Leng
PhD Student (2014)
Lian obtained her BASc in Mechanical Engineering from the McGill University and her MASc from the University of Toronto at the Guenther Laboratory. For her PhD project, she continues research in organized materials and large throughput microfluidic systems.

Milad Abolhasani
PhD Student (2014)
Milad obtained his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Iran and his MASc from the University of British Columbia. For his PhD project, he works on developing automated microfluidic platform for studies of fast chemical reactions.

Mark Jeronimo
MASc Student (2014)
Mark obtained his BSc in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University. For his undergraduate thesis, he worked with Kingston Cancer Reserach center..

Haotian Chen
MASc Student (2014)
Haotian received his BASc in Engineering Science from University of Toronto. He is currently working on a project making mosaic hydrogels for stimulus Responsive soft materials and metabolic engineering. His major work are polymer synthesis and computer simulation.

Phoenix Qing Ba
MASc Student (2014)
Phoenix obtained her BASc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. She worked on the project of pneumatically-driven microfluidic actuation device for delivering oscillatory fluid flow to bone cells in culture at the Guenther Laboratory, and continued with microfluidic application on health care at GE Global Research Center in Munich.  For her MASc project, she works on consistent handling and culture of cell-laden, vascularized soft material sheets.

Paige Dickie
MASc Student (2014)
Paige received her BASc in Mechanical Engineering from Mcmaster University. At the Guenther Lab, she is working on developing a fully integrated optical sensor.

Arianna McAllister
MASc Student (2014)
Arianna received her BASc in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering from the University of Ottawa. At the Guenther Lab, she was currently working on the Artery on a Chip Project.
Saja Al-Dujaili
Sanjesh Yasotharan
Oren Kraus
Sascha Pinto
Chi-Hang Kwan
Conrad Lochovsky
MASc Graduate (2011)
Conrad obtained his BASc in Engineering Science (Biomedical Option) from the University of Toronto. At the Guenther lab, he developed a strategy for the removal of bubbles in microfluidic devices, and demonstrated it's use on the Artery-on-a-Chip platform. He is currently working as an analyst for Deloitte.

Faisal Moledina
Past Undergraduate Students
  • Annie (Si) Chen (Summer 2007) - Cornell University, Law School
  • Andrew Woollard (Summer 2011)
  • Anna Sheu (Summer 2007) - Deloitte Consulting, Business Analyst
  • Annie Chen (Summer 2007)
  • Barzin Doroodgar (Summer 2007)
  • Calvin Lau (Summer 2009)
  • Ella Bao (Summer 2010, Thesis 2010-11) - Primary Fluid Systems, Burlington, ON
  • Jason Lee (Summer 2010)
  • John Nguyen (Summer 2010)
  • Jonathan Luk (Thesis 2010-11) - Office of the Prime Minister, Stakeholder Relations
  • Mayank Singh (Thesis 2010-11) - AMEC, Toronto
  • Mike MacNeil (Summer 2009, Thesis 2009-10) - University of Ottawa, Graduate Student
  • Phoenix Qing Ba (Thesis 2010-11) - General Electric Global Research Centre, Munich, Germany, Research Intern
  • Samantha Chow (Summer 2011)
  • Saminur Majumder(Summer 2010)
  • Sanjesh Yasotharan (Summer 2009, Thesis 2008-09)
  • Seo-Ho Lee (Thesis 2010-11) - Cornell University, Graduate student in Mechanical Engineering
  • Siavash Aslanbeigi (Summer 2008, Thesis 2008-09) - University of Waterloo, Perimeter Institute, Graduate student in Physics/Cosmology
  • Thomas He (Summer 2008)
  • Ayman Alabdallah (Thesis 2011-2012, Summer 2010) - Accenture
  • Geoffrey Vishloff (Thesis 2011-2012, Summer 2011)
  • Stefan Stroehle (2008-09, Undergraduate student, ETH Zurich)
  • Till Richter (2009-10, Undergraduate student, ETH Zurich)
  • Krzysztof Churski (Summer 2011, Ph.D. student, Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland)
  • Eugen Rigger (Fall 2012, 1st year MASc student, ETH Zurich)
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