Progress Update and Journal Club Schedule
Date Progress Update Journal Club Location Cleaning and Maintenance Schedule
Mar 10 Zhamak Parnian RS 207 Zhamak
Mar 17 Ali Patricia RS 207 Geoff, Ali
Mar 24 Geoff Zhamak RS 207 Parnian, Navid
Mar 31 Shashi Geoff RS 207 Patricia, Shashi
Apr 7


Navid RS 207 Zhamak
Apr 14


Ali RS 207 Geoff, Ali
Apr 21


Shashi RS 207 Parnian, Navid
Note: Group meetings are scheduled every Tuesday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at RS 207, throughout the Winter 2015 semester.

Group Member Responsibilities
Name Responsibilities
  • Guenther Lab rep on PTC (Foundry)
  • Make sure fluorescent bulb gets ordered and replaced before lifetime exceeded (MB51)
  • Thorlabs optical components: ensure that all Thorlabs components are stored in labelled drawers
  • Stereo microscope: thoroughly clean (lens cleaning paper) 1st of every month
  • Update cleaning list for weekly MB51 lab cleans (common areas) and save on COMMON
  • Ordering glass slides/ PDMS/ SU-8 2050 and 25/ silicon wafers
  • Glove box: make sure GB is connected and operational
  • Ocean Optics spectrometer: keep track of all parts of spectrometer as well as manuals, calibrate spectrometer (black body)
  • Schlenk line setup and associated vacuum pump: setup operational and vacuum pump maintained and equipped with oil filter
  • MB51 Glassware: clean all glassware in MB51 1st Friday of every month
  • TEM/SEM supplies (grids, custum sample holders)
  • Varian spectrometer: manuals of Varian spectrometer, software program to externally control it
  • 2 HP syringe pumps in MB51 fume hood: connect to power supply and computer, keep track of HP syringes
  • Shared group computers (Simulation computer)
  • Software licenses (Matlab, AutoCAD, Labview), ensure antivirus software is up to date
  • Desktop clean, no measurement/simulation data permanently on computer (use server instead)
  • Group laptop: keep operational, update antivirus software, back any measurement up on server
  • CCD cameras: 2 cooled, 1 non-cooled QImaging b/w cams, Lab color camera
  • Inverted Fluorescence Microscope MB51 (Nikon TE-2000): cleanliness, maintainance, filter cubes and objectives
  • 3 Shared Harvard Apparatus syringe pumps: Check status of pumps once per month
  • DI water machine: check filter status and make sure machine is functional
  • PIV laser and computer, DaVis software
  • Gas cylinders: check once per week that all gas cylinders are secured and empty cylinders have been returned to the MIE Engine Lab
  • MB51 Tools: return all tools to their location in the tool corner, clean up tool corner every 2 weeks
  • Precision Balance: maintain tidy, clean once per week
  • TEM/SEM supplies (grids, custom sample holder)
  • Centrifuge
  • Weekly check and order supplies for MB51 lab: Scoch/double sided tap, gloves(S, M, XL), petri dishes, pipette tips, printer cartridges, list on door
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • 2 MFCs: establish calibration curves for both MFCs and copy them to COMMON
  • Group credit card receipts: collect, meet with Axel on a weekly schedule to associate account #s and the fwd to Cesar/MIE Bus. Office
  • Maintain and update GM & JC schedules according to discussions with Axel/in GMs
  • Ensure everyone gets the chance to present a dry run >1 week prior to any conference talk, committee meeting, student seminar talk
  • Maintainance of Common folder: copy any individual folders every 1st of month to respcetive SWAP location
  • Inverted microscope on artery computer (Nikon): thoroughly clean every 1st of month, maintain, keep track of filter cubes & objectives
  • No measurement data permanently on artery computer (use server instead)
  • "Artery box"
  • Dissolved oxygen measurement system and documentation
  • Maintenance DATA folder
  • 2 HNP micro gear pumps (low flow rates): ensure pumps are ALWAYS used with particle filters
  • 2 HNP micro grear pumps (high flow rates)


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