Graduate Students
Navid Hakimi
PhD Student
Navid is currently working on 3D printing living structures (i.e 3D bio-printing). Through his research Navid plans to make skin grafts that will be used as skin substitutes for patients with serious burns and injuries.

E-mail: navid(dot)hakimi(at)utoronto(dot)ca
Office: MB 51 Phone #: (416) 978-3050
Shashi Malladi
PhD Student
Shashi obtained her B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai in India and her MASc in Chemical Engineering from University of Toronto. For her PhD, she works on fluid mechanics and transport aspects of multiphase flows in microfluidic systems.

E-mail: shashi(dot)malladi(at)utoronto(dot)ca
Office: MB 51 Phone #: (416) 978-3050

Moien Alizadehgiashi
Richard Cheng
Geoffrey Vishloff
MASc Student
Geoffrey obtained his BASc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto. At the Guenther Lab, Geoff is currently working on developing a microfluidic platform for on-demand preparation of high quality nanomaterials.

E-mail: geoff(dot)vishloff(at)mail(dot)utoronto(dot)ca
Office: MB 51 Phone #: (416) 978-3050
Patricia Omoruwa
MASc Student
Patricia received her BMSc in Medical Cell Biology and Medical Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. Currently, Patricia is working on developing microfluidic platforms to bioprint cell-laden tubular constructs and develop 3D tissue culture systems.

Office:MC 404A Phone #: (416) 978-2596
Parnian Saberi
MASc Student
Parnian obtained her BASc in Chemical Engineering Co-operative from Ryerson University. She is currently working on development of synthesis methods for integrated colloidal nanoparticles.

E-mail: parnian(dot)saberi(at)utoronto(dot)ca
Office: MB 51 Phone #: (416) 978-3050
University of Toronto
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